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Fly Fishing (or Lie Fishing)

He may be brown and speckled
when he turns, you see him shine
but his turning days are numbered
‘cause that little bastard’s mine

There’s another one just near him
with rainbow coloured hue
Oh yes, he might look pretty
but I’ll catch that little bastard too.

The flies that I have fashioned
you’d swear they were alive
those fish will be attracted
like a bee is to the hive.

As I manipulate my rod
my line is flying sweet
my fly will soon be bobbing
up that little brown trout’s street.

I cast and then I cast again
I’m sure they can’t resist
but then I curse and swear a lot
‘cause once again I’ve missed.

I’ll call into the ‘fisho’
on my way home tonight
and buy a nice fat pair from him
and take em home and skite.

Peter J. Tyler - 18/11/2010

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