Wombat Creek Dam

On the Sunday the wind was gone and the sun was out. With a few hours to spare in the afternoon I raced back up for another quick session. Over the past winter I have noticed during the warm days the small trout (10-15cm) come out in numbers. They are mostly rainbows, splashing around chasing midges (this is a amateurs guess at what insect they chasing). On this day the small fish were out again. Unfortunately so were the fishermen. I counted eight cars at the wall. Given how small this dam is that equals to a lot of fishermen. So I drove past the wall and came back in where the Wombat Creek enters the dam. Thankfully a few thoughtful locals had recently opened the access gates.

After an hour of fishing I had nothing to show for my efforts, despite the large numbers of fish rising. I had a number of takes from small fish but had failed to hook anything. It was at this point I decided to change tack. I changed my fly from a Tom Jones to a midge pattern. I've never caught anything with a midge pupa pattern, but have heard they are really good in the dams and lakes in the region. Walking around the dam I decided to only cast at what seemed to be larger fish and the weed beds. After half an hour of searching I noticed a large boil next to some rushes. Not convinced this would be a good fish, as the water depth was no more than a foot, I decided to cast at it anyway. With a few small gums around me it was difficult to get the fly in the right position. But after a few tries I got the fly in the right area, I let the fly sit for a minute and waited for the fish to move again. Eventually the fish moved again about four feet back from where the fly had landed. I slowly started to retrieve the line and the fish then took the fly. After a short struggle I landed a nicely conditioned 30 cm brown trout. It was at this point I realised I had left my camera at home. Without a picture or carcass my family don't believe you caught anything. Despite this, I took the fly from the fish's mouth and released it unharmed for another day.

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