Mitta Mitta River

I fished the Mitta Mitta River above Anglers rest on the Melbourne cup weekend & although the water was brownish i still caught fish. The day time was a bit slow but i only fished for 2 hours each day. The best time was the evening rise with Kosciuszko duns hatching. The trusty shaving brush was the fly of choice for the evening rise & worked well for me. An easy 6-8 fish each night all browns not 1 rainbow to be seen & ranging from 27 cm to 42 cm & the average being 35 cm.

The day time fishing saw small size 16-18 brown duns in one’s & two’s with the occasional fish rising to them. I fished some very fishy runs for zip with a dry fly & did it again with a black nymph under a dry fly indicator again for zip. After i lost my nymph on a fast moving tree behind me i tied on a brown bead head nymph & got one first cast, & it was a nice fish too. After that i did that same stretch of water again with that brown nymph & how things changed. i was right there are fish in those runs & it makes sense now that if the Kosciuszko duns are hatching on dark they are moving around the bottom all day, so that is the size & colour to use.

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