First stop was the Steavenson, unfortunately it was running a little discoloured and high for fishing. I noticed a few hoppers around so I fished it for half an hour with a large hopper pattern to see if anything was about. With no success I it was best left for another day.

On my way to the Goulburn I had a look at the Rubicon, it was much clearer than the Steavenson but was running too high for my liking. However there was a few fisherman around the Tumbling Waters area.

I then moved on to the Goulburn and it was running a 250mg and looked ideal for fishing. Started the day with a stimulator and nymph dropper and within minutes of starting to fish I had hooked up on a mid sized brown. Unfortunately I had left my net in the car and lost him at my toes.

From here the fishing varied from very easy to difficult. The easy fish were picked up on nymphs and the difficult ones were the consistently rising fish. These fish were almost always in places that were challenging to cast to or very selective about what fly they would accept.

As the evening set in rises became more frequent and fish were less selective, until I reached the last pool I was to fish, where after 5 or 6 fly changes I was still unable to hook up on any of the 5 or 6 rising fish.

Despite the last pool a great days fishing on the Goulburn River.

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