By Leigh

Fished Eildon Friday afternoon through to Saturday lunch. Friday looked stormy but only a couple of ten minute rain bands crossed over.

Throughout the day I had a couple of bumps chasing Yellas but had no success. During the evening I could not keep the reddies of the line, the water was boiling with them smashing bait fish. All you had to do was a simply cast out the line strip, strip and bang another reddy. After a dozen or so I moved to find some clearer water, but only one trout showed up.

Saturday morning brought in the rain, from around 10am through to 11.30am I landed two good yellas, two big carp and a couple of reddies. The largest Yella was 54cm and weighed in at just over 4kg. The other Yella was about 52cm.

With the rivers high and dirty and the rain still coming, Eildon is a good place to get some fish. Yellas as a target species will put up a good fight and the 8wt is pushed pretty hard when they run deep. Giving up line will take you to the snags easily.

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