Rubicon Report

The conditions didn't seem fantastic when I arrived. The river seemed a little dirty and the overcast conditions meant visibility was very low. However, I walked down stream to find three fish rising in the same pool.

The first fish of the day was by far the easiest. He was feeding in front of a log jam, but I couldn't cast near him without getting in his line of sight. Since there were two other fish feeding further up in the same pool and in easier places to cast to, I decided to walk past him and go for the second fish. Casting to the second fish wasn't as easy as I anticipated due to some low willow branches. Then I heard a rise behind me. I turned to look and the first fish had come out of the log jam and was feeding on the bank maybe twenty feet away and moving towards me. I cast back about five feet short of him. Luckily there was no drag on the fly as it sat waiting for the fish to make his way to it. After a small struggle and some near misses with snags I managed to net him.

With my confidence up I turned my attention back to the second fish, who by now was keenly feeding and rising very frequently. Unfortunatley he had moved forward about ten feet adding a further degree of difficulty. After 10-15 minutes I finally spooked him. And the third fish had become bored waiting for me and had stopped rising.

Moving up the river I only found two more fish. One was impossible to cast to and the other saw me as soon as I saw him.

The next movement I spotted was a rather large red belly black snake. It went left into the river and I went right as far as I could.

By the time I got to my car I hadn't managed to spot another fish. I had planned to fish upstream, only I found my ute surrounded by twenty other cars and a group of elderly people using it as a wind break for their BBQ. I wasn't real keen on fishing in front of a crowd so I decided to move on to another spot.

On my arrival I found another fly fisherman who was just finishing up with the same stretch of river I was about to start. He said he had only spotted one fish and was unable to catch it. Since it was getting dark I decided to go over that same stretch of water in the hope that maybe something might happen.

Walking around the first bend I spotted a fish rising. I don't believe this was the fish I was told about, as this one took my fly very easily. After another short struggle I managed to net a small rainbow.

As the night crept in the mozzies came out and no amount of repellent was going to make them back off. I spotted and spooked two more fish. Then the mozzies became too much. Heading back to my car I found one more fish rising. He was in the middle of the stream and there were no trees to interfere with my casting, I had to have a go. As I crept down the bank I failed to notice the deep hole the grass was covering. The next thing I knew I slipped down a gap between two rocks that were waist deep. I couldn't get out fast enough. I think it was a combination of stories about mine shafts my father scared me with as a kid and the possibility of finding a snake with my foot. Either way it was the best vertical leap I have ever done. When my heart rate finally slowed down I focused on the fish again. However, this fish was fussy and the mozzies were not. I swatted my arm to get a mozzie that was having a feed only to have three more take his place. At this point I decided I had had a good day and it was time to go home.

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