Millbrook 09

Millbrook 09 now what can I say. 5 intrepid souls set out for a weekend to tame the wilds of the Cabin Lake but there was so much weed and the water was quite low that casting was pretty well impossible.

The good news is that there are plenty of other lakes and we spent most of our time at Blue Gum which was tough but quite productive, particularly after last light stripping a big mudeye pattern across the surface. The ferocity of the takes was quite amazing.

Gibby, Leigh and Griff all did quite well, landing some good fish, I did less well but landed enough to keep the interest up but I don’t remember if the President actually landed a fish?

The accommodation was as good as ever, the fish was difficult but the quality of the fish made the effort worth it and our guide, David Dodd was still with us after 9pm at night. In fact one of the highlights was David bringing out his new toy an 11foot switch rod ( I believe it’s called a switch rod because at 11 feet you can switch between single and double handed casting) and provided impromptu “Spey” casting lessons. It is quite amazing how far you can cast one of those puppies! At one point I was having so much fun I was stripping the line back quickly to try the cast again when David suggested that if I slowed down the two fish trying to eat the fly might be able to catch up with it! Doh!!

Leigh Dowell will be attempting to book a weekend early this year to give members plenty of notice for the 2010 trip. If we get a good crowd someone may even remember to take a photo.

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