Snowy Creek

I haven’t managed much fishing lately but did fish Snowy Creek just before Easter. I started above the Lightning Creek camping ground. Last time I was up there I started to see some good fish about when I had to turn around.

This time I started at first light, walked for 2 hours before starting to fish and then fished until late afternoon. It took me about 3.5 hours to walk out (and a week to recover). I did find the better fish. There weren’t a lot of them but they were there (See photos attached of 2 of the three good fish). There were also plenty of smaller fish too.

One of the most enjoyable days fishing I have had for a while.

Work has been crazy and is likely to get worse. I was in the Mitta Valley for a job yesterday (up and back in the day). I didn’t take a rod because I knew if I started fishing I wouldn’t get home until midnight and I’ve got about 10 reports to write by Monday.

G-MW was releasing water from Dartmouth a few weeks ago and quite a few good fish appear to have moved up from Lake Hume. The river level is back down now. About 100 mm of rain fell last weekend but nothing ran off so the water is quite clean.

The son of the farmers I visited is a keen fisherman and he said some very good fish are being caught around Eskdale (by him and others). It would almost certainly be worth a look if you can find the time.

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